(T)his Love

Ever had that one person you’ve fought so hard for? That you did everything to keep that person? Your heart ablaze, your mind set. Justified in our heads that “I love (blank). (Blank) is worth it”.

Some years ago, someone did what it would take to win you back.
From enemy to child. From fallen to found. From rebel to royalty.

Some years ago, someone did what it would take to keep you and nothing can take you away from his love. Not your past. Not your fears. Neither death nor life, nor things present nor things to come,  nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation

He fought for you and I. He fought a good fight. He fought hard, fought on our behalf because we’ll never be in fighting form nor win left to ourselves. He fought death.

He gave his best on the cross, was buried and–proving He is the Son of God– rose three days later. He gave nothing less than what it would take to pay for, not his debts, but ours. To win YOU back, because YOU are worth it.

But now He’s close. And you are His again.

When we fought for that one person, we dropped everything, did whatever it would take. I pray that as we fight to keep God front and center of our lives, we set our eyes on doing whatever it takes to keep the Love of our lives. It would take a lot of trusting and faith, but worth it. May we fall in love everyday with he who is so in love with us.

Jesus replied, “You must love the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.” -Matthew 22:37 (ESV)



Some people throw parties to celebrate. While I, uhm, make play lists. I’m just so happy (ASDFGHJKL!!!!) that a close friend of mine dropped by Church. The power of prayer was evident.

Dear Kath,

I’m glad He’s in your life now and you’re in Him. God isn’t going to stop seeking you and your loved ones. I know you like music like me, if not more. So here’s a sample of the songs contemporary Christian artists have written. And because you asked about the songs.

Here’s to friendship, love and faith. ❤


Whichever may be more convenient. 🙂

Play list for Kath on Spotify
Play list for Kath on YouTube

    1. All this Time – Britt Nicole
      I felt love, I felt Your grace
      You stole my heart that day
      Lyrics | Video 
    2. Not for a Moment (After All)
      And every step every breath you are there
      Every tear, every cry, every prayer
      In my hurt, at my worst
      Lyrics | Video 
    3. All I Ever Needed – AJ Michalka
      Cause all I need is waiting in your arms
      A place to hang my heart, where I am known at last
      You’re the one true thing I have
      Lyrics | Video

    4. Touch the Sky – Hillsong
      Come sweep me up in Your love again
      And my soul will dance
      On the wings of forever
      Lyrics | Video

    5. Where You Are – Hillsong Young and Free
      I lived heart on a wire, hand in the fire for so long
      But You’ve shown me better,  new kind of love
      Lyrics | Video

    6. Alive – Hillsong Young and Free
      I was lost with a broken heart
      You picked me up, now I’m set apart
      From the ash I am born again
      Forever safe in the Saviour’s hands
      Lyrics | Video