My Vote is But One

All candidates have promises. All of them say it can happen. My yardstick for those running for public office, most especially as president, are:

  1. Truthfulness and Ability – What proves they can make these happen? How am I sure these aren’t empty words? Moreover, at what cost will this leader make this happen?
  2. Integrity – Even if they don’t get to fulfill ALL of these promises, will I still think our country is in good hands nevertheless?
  3. Just Leadership – Can (s)he instill change? The good kind of change, without trampling on rights that people in our history have died for for us to enjoy today.

All this in one word: Heart. Because I do believe that leadership is a heart issue.

It’s not how awesome their track record is. It’s how they did things. It’s how their character outshines all the so-called achievements. Were they genuine? Do people really feel that they care? Did they lie, cheat, steal or kill just to be able to say they did one great thing? Look at their heart. What lives there? Hate? Desperation? Compassion? Because in all their actions, all the bills they will sign, instructions trickled down to the executive branch to implement, especially during times when they are least prepared such as in emergency situations and unexpected scenarios, the knee-jerk reaction will be based on that compass that is their heart. So I ask, who holds your presidential bet’s heart?

In the next 6 years, (OMG I just realized our votes is for someone to lead for six whole years of our lives in the Philippines) I hope I can walk in the streets and see that our elected officials, not just the president, can make us feel cared for. That we live everyday knowing they are working towards making sure we are safe and proud to be Filipinos. That I will not live in fear.

I know they can’t solve everything. And we are all called to be leaders every day. (Apparently an introvert can influence 10,000 people. @_@ ) But who we are voting for and why can influence how this country will change.

Our next president will govern the land. One (wo)man who can inspire the nation that there is still hope; A leader who by just being himself or herself, can change how people think, act, do; One person who, with God’s grace, will mend our differences and make us one. I’d like to believe we can be a nation of good people. Starting with how we carry ourselves every day, and the ballot we’ll shade on May 9.


When Nothing Makes Sense

Have you ever felt like everything is going to just blow up one day? One bad thing after another just kept happening.  Or even when things are going well, you still think “Meh, this is temporary. This is all going to be horrible in the end.”

We try to fix things, we make sense out of our surroundings, we schedule our days around things we deem important—perhaps because of our innate need for order. Even the extroverts of all extroverts or spontaneous of all spontaneous need black and white in their lives, too.

But sometimes, despite our efforts to put pieces together, nothing makes sense. Why am I not getting promoted? Why am I still single? Why do I keep distancing from people important to me? Why do I keep chasing after the wrong person after one wrong person? What’s wrong with me?

The moment we think we can understand let alone control everything we will start to self-destruct.

Because we can’t control everything. Even the greatest head of state cannot turn a country’s destiny around. He needs his best generals, staff, economists. All other factors such as international relations, natural disasters, name it. How can one person control all of that? We just can’t, guys. We can’t. And we don’t have to beat ourselves up about it.

We have limits as human beings. There are things we just can’t grasp. Even doctors are astounded by things that happen but cannot be found in books, yeah?

Plot twist:
When you are at your wits end because nothing makes sense, it’s actually not your problem.

“Cursed is the one who trusts man, who depends on flesh for his strength and whose heart turns away from the Lord… The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it? I the Lord search the heart and examine the mind.” Jeremiah 17:5 & 17:9-10

It’s comforting to know that a difficult task isn’t even ours to begin with. All our what’s wrong with me’s, what am I doing wrong’s, I’m so tired I just want to move on from this-es… It’s not our burden to fulfill, apparently.

The moment we approach God with our broken hearts and tired minds, our broken pieces will fall into place. He’ll make sure they will. Human hands cannot heal a spirit, only He can. And He will.



Review: Coffee-Shops-Cum-Virtual-Offices

There are articles on how to coffee (shop) camp the right way. Never have I thought I would actually need it when I was reading it. But here I am now, sharing my own experiences. Co-working spaces are nice except they aren’t many and not accessible. Plus they are far from my friends who have actual offices. LOL #clingy

Some places I’ve tried working in and how friendly and welcoming they actually are to people who stay for hours in their shops:

Friend-liness of Staff
Wall Sockets (sufficient number of)
Food/Drinks (Price and Quality)
Fast and Reliable Wifi
Minimum order for wifi?
Subspace (Emerald Ave., Ortigas, Pasig)
150PHP (12oz brewed coffee +  their to-die-for Jack Daniels cupcake = 200PHP)
Larcy’s Cupcakery  (Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons, Pasig) 


3rd Cup Café (Katipunan Ave., QC)
Bo’s Coffee (Katipunan Ave., QC)
Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (Katipunan Ave., Estancia Mall & Emerald Ave.)
Starbucks (Katipunan Ave., QC)


2 3 2 none



(1) CBTL probably has some branding concerns that’s why they don’t like people hanging out for too long at their place. On a lucky day, they will ask you to unplug that monster called an extension cord. As for Starbucks, some branches don’t have wifi at all. I guess they don’t like tambay yuppies too who need a place to work and drink pweds coffee.

(2) The individual criterion above do not have the same weight as each criterion. So if wifi speed and reliability are more important to you than friendliness of staff, then by all means take your pick from above. Just sharing my review on these places. From one person who’s more efficient outside working away from the house to another.

(3) Subspace has the friendliest staff. No dirty looks. And they make you feel that they are actually happy that you’re there. And they’re open 6AM – 12 MN Monday to Friday. 🙂

At the end of the day, be a nice coffee camper. Do what they say in this article.

Love Month Playlist: Love You

It’s the Love Month again. *release heart-shaped balloons* All I can say is we all deserve to love and be loved, by others and by ourselves. Here are my top picks of (unconventional, non-ballad, dance-y and hopefully not preachy) love songs and my 2 cents on this thing called ‘love’.  Not that I’m an expert tho. ;p

Full playlist here: (Tip: Don’t shuffle.)

  1. Love the person who has been and will always see you through, good times and bad. The one who embraces your strengths, dysfunctions and all. *Edit: In times you don’t, you can bet that He does. Or don’t bet. Gambling is bad. Basta you get the point. I’m rambling. Haha!
    Love Myself*, Hailee Steinfeld Lyrics | Video (Acoustic version)
  2. Love you. Because “you’re beautiful, one in a million, worth more than gold.” 😉
    Gold, Britt Nicole Lyric Video | Lyrics | Video
  3. Love advice from no less than The Lauryn Hill.
    Doo Wop (That Thing), Ms. Lauryn Hill Lyrics | Video
  4. “I don’t want half of your love.” Never settle for ‘Alright’. For every “Pwede na ‘to”, a worth-waiting-for love story fades into nothingness.
    Arm’s Length, Kacy Hill Lyrics | Video
  5. And lastly, love whoever you want to love, even those who are hard to love. We are all called to love. Don’t implode. Love.
    She Keeps Me Warm, Mary Lambert Lyric Video | Lyrics | Video

PM for secret downloadable mp3 with lyrics.






TEDxDiliman: Paths Less Travelled

October 11, 2015— The speakers were ALL amazing. In particular, Vin Dancel. Songwriter, development-worker, alternative-music fan and lawyer. He talked about his zigzag of a journey into doing what he was asked to be to what he is now. The TEDx talk experience was surreal in the sense that every speaker was leaving a mark on me, seemingly asking me to do something different as they have and still are, an awakening.

First speaker was Conrad Alampay who runs a 3D technology company. He works with governments to study and preserve historical sites which are vulnerable to natural disasters, neglect and urbanization. We had a visual tour of the Fort Bonifacio Tunnel, built by Americans during war (never used), found and extended by Japanese by a kilometer. There’s a District 13 adjacent to Market! Market! My jaw dropped. The tunnels connected to chambers for clinics and war rooms. We had that???

Another speaker was Dok Bru (as in “bruha”), an endocrinologist. She calls herself The Endocrine Witch, with reference to her college professors who were so strict that they called them witches. She spoke about diabetes, an illness in our family, so that topic hit close to home. I was listening to every bit about it. Dok Bru also talked about the importance of health literacy and how social media can be a tool for better healthcare, how the latter cannot be ignored anymore by the health sector. These were my main take-aways from her talk and it was short but very informative. She got me following her page (With 30,000+ likes, mind you.) and updating my Facebook status about her. Updating my status about a social-media savvy endocrinologist. How cool is that? Never had I imagined. By the way, nasa Filipino ang mga post nya sa fan page. Di nakapagtatakang maraming sumusunod sa fan page niya at isang komunidad na sila na nagbibigay ng mga payo o lakas ng loob sa isa’t-isa. Like a mom who posted photos of her twins, to tell those having a hard time to conceive that there is hope, as she and her husband found it difficult to conceive, too.

Graphic artist Arnold Arre has awaken my interest in Philippine our history. His passion to tell our stories through his drawings is very inspiring. His first graphic novel has been doubted by some, but won the National Book Award for Comic Books in 1999. And is on its way of becoming a full film by no other than Jerrold Tarog. In the middle of his talk I have vowed to buy The Mythology Class. Unless someone beats me to it. *cough*

Fifteen-minute talks of people from various walks in life, but converge on the path less travelled. I guess, that’s how TEDx speakers are different from other speakers. In the few minutes they were given, and the preparations they had to do beforehand, they envision to capture and *will* capture the audience.

program: 5/5
venue: 4/5 (A little cramped. Not okay for people who need more space i.e. claustrophobic, social introverts)
overall experience: 4.5