Do you have 5 minutes?

Imagine walking with the most important person in your life. In a peaceful beach, just the sound of waves crashing. Or atop a mountain where you can see the sea of clouds and sunrise. Whatever tickles your fancy. He’s within arms reach and you can tell him anything. About your day, about your hopes and dreams; Anything, really.

Now imagine that it’s God. Creator, Lord, Father, Best Friend, Healer. He loves you so much and can listen to you all day. In fact, He’ll even help with your troubles and give you grace to surpass things you thought you never. could.

Imagine running away from God. Imagine all the things you wish didn’t do. Maybe you got hurt and thought He did that to you. Maybe you thought you’re better off on your own, you’re smarter/ stronger/ bigger without Him in your life, guiding you. Or maybe you gave in to the voices saying you don’t deserve His love, that you’re never good enough for His Perfect Love.

Now there’s a gap. The fall of man caused us to lose the direct connection we had with God. Betraying the Maker with a wordly life.

He’s affronted. He’s angry. He’s sad. But above all, He still loves us.

To pay for our debts, He sent Jesus. Jesus lived a life of teaching people how to be close again to God. How to walk back and into His love. That it never left us. It was the Father’s will for Jesus to be among us, live, be doubted, be punished and die. It was the only way– fulfilling God’s plan– for us to be saved and once again be with God. Christ paid the price for all our sins, those who lived in His time and thousands of generation after Him. That includes us.

If you ever felt that God wasn’t there when you needed Him, if you feel far and undeserving, know that He never left. That He has forgiven all you have done because He loves you very much. Jesus’ blood on the cross brought us back to God. He saved us. From our sinful ways and ourselves as humans.

Talk to God. The direct line has been revived. It’s been there all this time. If you had 5 minutes to read this, He has more than that amount of time to listen and talk to you.