A Love Story (A Three-Part Story)

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Part I

February 14– You fix your hair, take one last look at the mirror, and head out of the house. A smooth ride to your destination, people passing by, different agendas, different things running through their minds.

You arrive. She’s there, as promised. She greets you with a smile, stands up from her seat and gives you a hug.

With a smile, you ask how she’s been, nonchalantly asking the last time you saw each other. She responds, with a few words and a smile.


Part II

The afternoon catch up is going well. Inside jokes brought up, memories of the past.

Then at one point, she opens up about things burdening her heart. Problems at home, personal struggles, the feeling of inadequacy on most days.

At this moment, you know deep in your heart that your friend must hear the Love Story she is yet to hear. Today is the day.


Part III

Valentine’s Day is the 2nd most marketed holiday for businesses. Christmas being the first. And rightfully so as these rake in the most sales. What is it about Valentine’s that make people buy flowers and chocolates 3x their original price on a different day? Is it the feeling of obligation? Is it the feeling of just wanting to make someone feel special on a day that society deems special?

We can show people that we love them any day of the year, but this day has made its mark that one *must* show someone that they are loved.

“Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.” The greatest Love Story ever written has your friends as its damsel. On February 14 (or any day of the year), would you share it?

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Mal(ig)ayang Pasko

Every year, rather, every Christmas season, a certain type of people group and gather– The Single People. Dubbed “Samahan ng Malalamig ang Pasko”. Figuratively na malamig dahil walang dine-date, according to Urban Dictionary, Joy version. Figuratively nagsasama-sama, feeling a sense of community and not being alone somehow as they are part of this figurative society of people who are single.

Figuratively or literally, they group and gather this Christmas season.

Literally as in: Family reunions filled with relatives who are fresh out of breakups or have long been waiting for someone to love and bring to family reunions– gathering ’round the KTV machine, singing songs of heartaches, not really minding the scores on the screens, tapping each other on the shoulder after each song as if saying “I understand you, kasin. Okay lang yan”; While the titos and titas mind their own business, and the respective parents just smiling but wondering inside “Ano kayang pinagdadaanan ng anak ko?”

By grace, this year, I’m able to see the positive side of being single on Christmas (and the months prior). I’m not chasing the last train to see someone and spend time with a love I do not know will last. Instead I got to spend time with my family. Multiplying Christmas day (and days I am single) to 365 or more, it’s days I get to spend with loved ones– relationships I’ve been blessed with, relationships that help me grow. Relationships that are given me to nourish with Time (spent with them in simple random moments or special ones) and Prayer (praying for their continuous joy, provision of needs, protection, and new life through Christ).

This Christmas, this season, I choose to see the blessings than the so-called lack. Friends, we are not alone. We are with family and friends. We are blessed to have been taken out of relationships not meant for us. Living to work for one person’s happiness is not our life’s purpose. Malamig ang Pasko, literally. Pero malaya (na) tayo.


Ano man ang relationship status mo ngayong Pasko, aking pagbati’y Maligayang Pasko!