Hi! Welcome to my blog.

If you’ve known me from months or years ago, hi there! It’s still me. Maybe even better. I hope. 🙂

If you’re someone I met from college, I’m sorry for being a heartless senior, indifferent group mate, shady classmate.

If you’re family, I’m sorry for being not being sweet. For forgetting birthdays, anniversaries, skipping holidays to spend with friends.

If we met from 2008 or earlier, I’m glad you found this page. Let’s catch up! Remember that time when….? Yup, me neither. Let’s go out. I love conversation and pizza. 🙂

If you’re a new friend, know that I value you as much as any friend in my life. I’m excited to get to know you better. See offer above.

To anyone I have wronged or could have been a better person to, I’m not perfect but I promise to make up for it. I’m sorry. For 20+ years, I didn’t nourish my relationship with God. But He met me where I was and I hope to stay here. He is pursuing you, too. He loves you. Drown out the noise and listen to your heart. Pray and listen. You might be surprised.

This blog is open to the public. No multi-faceted personalities. No more masks. Just your friend in Christ and her musings.

Happy reading!


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