Where’s Jesus?

Let me tell you a story of that time men were on a boat during a storm, in pitch black darkness, with howling winds and strong rains. And they were missing one person in the boat. The horror. Spoiler: the “missing” one got them out of the storm

To steady the fears of the disciples in the boat, Jesus did not say “You guys can weather this storm, hang on.” (Trusting on our own strength isn’t enough. And maybe he won’t use ‘guys’.)

He did not say “This storm shall pass, trust that it shall pass.” (Sometimes it’s hard to gather peace from a circumstantial silver lining that is still distant despite how sure it may be.)

Instead, he said that it is him with them during that storm. The rock. The maker and holder of all things. The compassionate father who hears every prayer.

“It is I.”

If the great I AM is for us, who can be against us? Neither strong wind and rain outside, nor any raging storm inside us. That’s his promise. And the only way to find out if a promise is true is holding on to it until it happens.

Who are you trusting with your storms?