Midweek Music: Never Stop by Urban Rescue

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Feel-good, light, joyful, festive.

From Urban Rescue’s full-length album WILD HEART, Never Stop is the perfect song for anyone who finds themselves in a dip or a slump. Does your bes feel like God doesn’t love her anymore? Put earphones on her, play this on your iPod and see a smile etch across her face. The song reminds us of God’s relentless, endless and persistent love. Regardless of the place we find ourselves in—the valleys and the shadows– God will chase us and bring us back to His love, conquering canyons of fears and oceans of tears. He will be there in the lowest places and darkest hours because compared to His love there is “no mountain higher, no river wider”.

Never Stop perfectly depicts the awesome God who is bigger than anything and yet closer to us than anything else in this world. The song describes God as the sunshine on our skin, as the moon that pulls anything close to it, and—much closer—He’s closer than the air we breathe.

Following the simple but meaningful verses, the song’s bridge perfectly depicts the finished work of Christ in which we are victorious over sin as He has paid the price on the cross, making sin lose its foothold over us.

“I see my chains unraveling
All of my shame for victory
I feel my heart run wild and free
There is no place I’d rather be”

The song’s upbeat melody balances this impactful reminder of God’s love for us.

Never Stop helps one sing praise for the daily renewing of our souls, the re-installed communication line we have with God and the hope against all the world’s hopelessness, all made possible through Jesus Christ.

For the wages of sin is death,
but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. –Romans 6:23

Writer’s Bio: Joy is a freelance marketing consultant who writes songs about Jesus, and curates play lists on Spotify, outside of work hours. She keeps a blog (joycamillegomez.wordpress.com) to journal her days of being young-in-the-Lord.

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You’re in every sunset and sunrise
You ordain each day’s start and end
You’re in my every breath that which yours began
From nothing, you made this woman

You’re in the silence,
You take me when the quiet gets loud
You’re in between the cracks of my heart
You heal and restore what no one can

You fill me up at my emptiest,
You chase me at my most scared
You’re here when I thought you’ve gone
You’re in the darkness where I doubt your presence

You’re in the light I cover my eyes from
You’re in every thought of my loved ones of me
You’re in every kind gesture and disciplining
You’re in places I don’t see

Your spirit lives in me
You died that you may never leave
What have I done to deserve your holy presence?
What work did I do to deserve a life with you?

In my fallen nature you loved me, still
At my worst, you sent your son for me
There is nothing man can do to be forgiven
But you did, through Christ, you did

Your wrath had to be upon Him
That your love may fill earth again
That your children may be back to your arms
You run and clothe them, took the steps they should have taken

Remind me of the good things,
Bad places you delivered me from
Speak louder that I may hear
What you’re trying to make me reckon

I try and fail, O God
At times I ask why I even try
And yet it’s in you I have found reason
I can keep trying because with you I can

The Marketing Team is Composed of Everyone

It was hard to believe at first: All businesses are in the marketing business, all employees are marketing specialists.

This perspective helped me see how marketing is a collaborative effort for everyone in the company. And how marketing efforts will only succeed if everyone is in it. It doesn’t stop with the company shirts printed out and worn by the employees, with the layout, supplier and cost approved by the marketing head. It matters, too, how the employees wearing the shirts are doing. Say, in an event, a grumpy employee wearing the shirt with tatterred jeans can set a different notion about the company compared to that of an employee wearing the same shirt with a blazer and cheerfully greeting everyone.

In John Jantsch’s book Duct Tape Marketing, he defines marketing as the system in which you make people:

  1. know
  2. like
  3. trust
  4. contact
  5. refer


In a company, it isn’t just the marketing team who wants these 5 things to happen. More so, they’re not the only people who get to meet clients (Hi, Account Management.); improve on the product and service (Product Management, looking at you.); or get people fit for the role and the culture (Hello, HR.) Everyone in the company would want their company to be known, liked, trusted, contacted and referred. And the good news is everyone can take part in making that happen.

Some may probably ask, how can that happen? Every touch point of business-to-client is an opportunity to either make them know, like, trust, contact or refer you, or drive them away.  Which means every email you shoot, every meeting they agree to, every interesting website article you post– all this can help or botch your chance of bringing them closer to entrusting you in providing solutions for their needs. It lies on how you do it. How thorough the planning was before execution, how able and empowered your people are, how consistently applied your company’s values are throughout your team. With the right how’s and the the 5 goals above as your why, marketing shouldn’t be a daunting task .

But how about small businesses? They’re not part of this, right? Small businesses actually have a pool of low cost marketing in their hands– their own product and service, and word of mouth. They don’t need to throw in a lot of cash to be successful at marketing their business. While everyone is trying to figure out what marketing really means and which agency to tap, the excellent work you do will speak for itself. This will be the backbone of every marketing effort. Dare I say that the excellent work is part of the marketing effort.

Marketing is a fun day-to-day grind for everyone in the company. You just might not know it, but you’re already doing a great job at it.