Midweek Music: Meet Glo

I don’t have a curated playlist from Spotify. I don’t have one particular song to unpack and share with you how this made such an impact to my life. But I have this friend who has been making music since she was 16. (Or was it earlier?) Well, at least her first recorded original was at this age. She’s an inspiration because she never stopped. She’s an inspiration because she sees the sparks of talent people have and tell them they’re supernova. She does these no matter what season in life she’s in. And that says a lot.

She has encouraged a friend to go back to her love for playing the guitar, over the usual getting wasted along Katipunan. She has encouraged a very shy (and frustrated) lyricist to keep writing and even put melodies to her own song. She has encouraged a burnt out yuppy that her skills set are more valuable than what her boss makes her feel.

Here’s to your genuine self. Here’s to your being a light for others. Keep writing. Keep making music. I don’t need to tell you because you just will, I know. Here’s to you, Glo. And your heart of gold.



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