Midweek Music: Meet Glo

I don’t have a curated playlist from Spotify. I don’t have one particular song to unpack and share with you how this made such an impact to my life. But I have this friend who has been making music since she was 16. (Or was it earlier?) Well, at least her first recorded original was at this age. She’s an inspiration because she never stopped. She’s an inspiration because she sees the sparks of talent people have and tell them they’re supernova. She does these no matter what season in life she’s in. And that says a lot.

She has encouraged a friend to go back to her love for playing the guitar, over the usual getting wasted along Katipunan. She has encouraged a very shy (and frustrated) lyricist to keep writing and even put melodies to her own song. She has encouraged a burnt out yuppy that her skills set are more valuable than what her boss makes her feel.

Here’s to your genuine self. Here’s to your being a light for others. Keep writing. Keep making music. I don’t need to tell you because you just will, I know. Here’s to you, Glo. And your heart of gold.




Some people throw parties to celebrate. While I, uhm, make play lists. I’m just so happy (ASDFGHJKL!!!!) that a close friend of mine dropped by Church. The power of prayer was evident.

Dear Kath,

I’m glad He’s in your life now and you’re in Him. God isn’t going to stop seeking you and your loved ones. I know you like music like me, if not more. So here’s a sample of the songs contemporary Christian artists have written. And because you asked about the songs.

Here’s to friendship, love and faith. ❤


Wherever it may be more convenient. 🙂

Play list for Kath on Spotify
Play list for Kath on YouTube

  1. All this Time – Britt Nicole
    I felt love, I felt Your grace
    You stole my heart that day
    Lyrics | Video
  2. Not for a Moment (After All)
    And every step every breath you are there
    Every tear, every cry, every prayer
    In my hurt, at my worst
    Lyrics | Video
  3. All I Ever Needed – AJ Michalka
    Cause all I need is waiting in your arms
    A place to hang my heart, where I am known at last
    You’re the one true thing I have
    Lyrics | Video
  4. Touch the Sky – Hillsong
    Come sweep me up in Your love again
    And my soul will dance
    On the wings of forever
    Lyrics | Video
  5. Where You Are – Hillsong Young and Free
    I lived heart on a wire, hand in the fire for so long
    But You’ve shown me better,  new kind of love
    Lyrics | Video
  6. Alive – Hillsong Young and Free
    I was lost with a broken heart
    You picked me up, now I’m set apart
    From the ash I am born again
    Forever safe in the Saviour’s hands
    Lyrics | Video
  7. Alive – Glo Anne Guevarra
    Don’t lose heart, we’ll soldier on
    And every battle you’ll face, I have won
    Lyric Video






Midweek(ish) Music: Victorious

The feeling of being forgiven, accepted, loved; feeling secured in His love and no one else’s, feeling free from fear and our past, feeling good enough to deserve such big love that doesn’t ask. Even after living sinfully. Even after hurting Him. Only through Him that all this is possible. Sounds too good to be true?

Sometimes this Love seems too good to be true. Like “What’s the catch, God?” Or “I’m sure You’ll tire of me, God.” Or “Why do You even bother with me? I’m not all that.” But we are. You are. Why else would He come and die for us on the cross and forgive all our trespasses? Right. He could have not bothered and just walked away from us. But He didn’t.

The same God we forgot, will be the same God who will seek us to the deepest trenches and save us. He will envelope you with love so undeniable you will have no choice but to run back to Him. Your doubts that He can’t hear you anymore, He will disprove. The fear that you have hurt Him too much and have fallen out of love with Him, He will woo you like never before. With Him, we will come out victorious.


Disclaimer: This play list is not meant to be an OST for every after sinning. But may this help you if ever you are still in the self-made cell that you’re not worth His time anymore. The guilt/sadness you feel is part of godly sorrow (or real repentance) in which change and being saved follow. You’re on the right path.

His Desires are Greater than Mine

At some point, I thought I got what I wanted. But somehow it didn’t feel right. I can exhaust myself to go after my heart’s desire and it’s possible for me to actually get it. I realized though that if it’s not part of His plans for me, the #AchievementUnlocked won’t sit well in my heart. I learn to trust Him more and more everyday that there are greater things that He will slowly unfold before my eyes, amazing things beyond my imagination that He is preparing me for every day. The growing pains is a must. The anxiety with every test of my old ways is required. How else can I outgrow something if I don’t intently get out of it and say “Nah.”

Being in Christ isn’t easy. But it is the best place I can ever be. Most welcoming arms. The warmest hugs. Most at peace. Most consoling. The company in which I have found myself most joyful no matter how heavy my heart is. Most reassuring that everything will turn out for the better.  That He’s got this. That He’s got me.

When things get overwhelming, my go-to verse is Matthew 11:30. “For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” When things seem hard it could be 1) I’m subscribing to unrealistic standards. Most often mine. 2) I’m believing lies the enemy tries to put in my head or 3) I’m doubting that God can come through.

But He can and always will.

He’s been revealing Himself through the people I love who now have Him in their lives, people I care about who tear up when they talk about God, loved ones who in their own ways hold on to God like never before. He’s been proving over and over again that I can go through anything, spirit unscathed, through Him.

Dear self,

If you find yourself in yet another difficult situation, know that hours/days/weeks ago from this post He held you through a very tough time. That when the old convenient ways of feeling okay were tempting, you held back and He held you closer.