My Vote is But One

All candidates have promises. All of them say it can happen. My yardstick for those running for public office, most especially as president, are:

  1. Truthfulness and Ability – What proves they can make these happen? How am I sure these aren’t empty words? Moreover, at what cost will this leader make this happen?
  2. Integrity – Even if they don’t get to fulfill ALL of these promises, will I still think our country is in good hands nevertheless?
  3. Just Leadership – Can (s)he instill change? The good kind of change, without trampling on rights that people in our history have died for for us to enjoy today.

All this in one word: Heart. Because I do believe that leadership is a heart issue.

It’s not how awesome their track record is. It’s how they did things. It’s how their character outshines all the so-called achievements. Were they genuine? Do people really feel that they care? Did they lie, cheat, steal or kill just to be able to say they did one great thing? Look at their heart. What lives there? Hate? Desperation? Compassion? Because in all their actions, all the bills they will sign, instructions trickled down to the executive branch to implement, especially during times when they are least prepared such as in emergency situations and unexpected scenarios, the knee-jerk reaction will be based on that compass that is their heart. So I ask, who holds your presidential bet’s heart?

In the next 6 years, (OMG I just realized our votes is for someone to lead for six whole years of our lives in the Philippines) I hope I can walk in the streets and see that our elected officials, not just the president, can make us feel cared for. That we live everyday knowing they are working towards making sure we are safe and proud to be Filipinos. That I will not live in fear.

I know they can’t solve everything. And we are all called to be leaders every day. (Apparently an introvert can influence 10,000 people. @_@ ) But who we are voting for and why can influence how this country will change.

Our next president will govern the land. One (wo)man who can inspire the nation that there is still hope; A leader who by just being himself or herself, can change how people think, act, do; One person who, with God’s grace, will mend our differences and make us one. I’d like to believe we can be a nation of good people. Starting with how we carry ourselves every day, and the ballot we’ll shade on May 9.


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