Love Month Playlist: Love You

It’s the Love Month again. *release heart-shaped balloons* All I can say is we all deserve to love and be loved, by others and by ourselves. Here are my top picks of (unconventional, non-ballad, dance-y and hopefully not preachy) love songs and my 2 cents on this thing called ‘love’.  Not that I’m an expert tho. ;p

Full playlist here: (Tip: Don’t shuffle.)

  1. Love the person who has been and will always see you through, good times and bad. The one who embraces your strengths, dysfunctions and all. *Edit: In times you don’t, you can bet that He does. Or don’t bet. Gambling is bad. Basta you get the point. I’m rambling. Haha!
    Love Myself*, Hailee Steinfeld Lyrics | Video (Acoustic version)
  2. Love you. Because “you’re beautiful, one in a million, worth more than gold.” 😉
    Gold, Britt Nicole Lyric Video | Lyrics | Video
  3. Love advice from no less than The Lauryn Hill.
    Doo Wop (That Thing), Ms. Lauryn Hill Lyrics | Video
  4. “I don’t want half of your love.” Never settle for ‘Alright’. For every “Pwede na ‘to”, a worth-waiting-for love story fades into nothingness.
    Arm’s Length, Kacy Hill Lyrics | Video
  5. And lastly, love whoever you want to love, even those who are hard to love. We are all called to love. Don’t implode. Love.
    She Keeps Me Warm, Mary Lambert Lyric Video | Lyrics | Video

PM for secret downloadable mp3 with lyrics.







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