TEDxDiliman: Paths Less Travelled

October 11, 2015— The speakers were ALL amazing. In particular, Vin Dancel. Songwriter, development-worker, alternative-music fan and lawyer. He talked about his zigzag of a journey into doing what he was asked to be to what he is now. The TEDx talk experience was surreal in the sense that every speaker was leaving a mark on me, seemingly asking me to do something different as they have and still are, an awakening.

First speaker was Conrad Alampay who runs a 3D technology company. He works with governments to study and preserve historical sites which are vulnerable to natural disasters, neglect and urbanization. We had a visual tour of the Fort Bonifacio Tunnel, built by Americans during war (never used), found and extended by Japanese by a kilometer. There’s a District 13 adjacent to Market! Market! My jaw dropped. The tunnels connected to chambers for clinics and war rooms. We had that???

Another speaker was Dok Bru (as in “bruha”), an endocrinologist. She calls herself The Endocrine Witch, with reference to her college professors who were so strict that they called them witches. She spoke about diabetes, an illness in our family, so that topic hit close to home. I was listening to every bit about it. Dok Bru also talked about the importance of health literacy and how social media can be a tool for better healthcare, how the latter cannot be ignored anymore by the health sector. These were my main take-aways from her talk and it was short but very informative. She got me following her page (With 30,000+ likes, mind you.) and updating my Facebook status about her. Updating my status about a social-media savvy endocrinologist. How cool is that? Never had I imagined. By the way, nasa Filipino ang mga post nya sa fan page. Di nakapagtatakang maraming sumusunod sa fan page niya at isang komunidad na sila na nagbibigay ng mga payo o lakas ng loob sa isa’t-isa. Like a mom who posted photos of her twins, to tell those having a hard time to conceive that there is hope, as she and her husband found it difficult to conceive, too.

Graphic artist Arnold Arre has awaken my interest in Philippine our history. His passion to tell our stories through his drawings is very inspiring. His first graphic novel has been doubted by some, but won the National Book Award for Comic Books in 1999. And is on its way of becoming a full film by no other than Jerrold Tarog. In the middle of his talk I have vowed to buy The Mythology Class. Unless someone beats me to it. *cough*

Fifteen-minute talks of people from various walks in life, but converge on the path less travelled. I guess, that’s how TEDx speakers are different from other speakers. In the few minutes they were given, and the preparations they had to do beforehand, they envision to capture and *will* capture the audience.

program: 5/5
venue: 4/5 (A little cramped. Not okay for people who need more space i.e. claustrophobic, social introverts)
overall experience: 4.5